JMS supermini engines have set a new standard in performance and reliability to which all other supermini engines are measured.

Innovation starts at the bottom with in-house modified crankshafts that reduce vibration and have a long service life. The crankcase is optimized for optimal flow and transmission is micro finished for increased power and much improved shifting.

Cylinders are ported and ignition timing is remapped to optimize the new engine configuration and are topped off with our state-of-the-art billet cylinder head.
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Red Heads
JMS billet cylinder heads began from the need of finding a solution for cracking cylinder heads on the KTM105. The solution was such a great success that I continued the line to the Suzuki RM Yamaha YZ, Kawasaki KX in the Honda CR.
All heads are designed with the performance goal of increased strength to reduce the chance of head gasket failures and to optimize the combustion chamber for increased performance. Coolant flow through the cylinder head is also optimized for increased cooling ability.